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Mahabharat in this era

1. Kauravas would have starved to death with only 9 subsidized LPG connections for 102 of them.

2. When Bheem meets Hanuman, he would hand him t-shirts saying, 'Being Hanuman,' and then run him over vehicle.

3. Media would target Shree Krishna as Dwarka was in Gujarat.

4. Draupadi would have been sobbing in a Satyameva Jayate episode.

5. Nandan Nilkeni would go mad during AADHAR data collection at the Kaurava household.

6. News channels would pay millions for exclusive rights for live telecast of Draupadi's vastraharan.

7. India TV headlines will be ' Draupdi ki saaree ka raaz , khulega Aaj ' theek raat 8 baze !

8. TV reporters will ask Bheesm Pitamah on the bed of arrows: "How are you feeling? Kaise lag raha hai?"

9. Abhimanyu would have got the GYAN that getting out of Chakravyuh was easier than booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC."

10. Aishwarya would have been replaced by Draupadi in L'Oreal shampoo advt. "5 problems, 1 solution."

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