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Husband Wife Fun

Army officer's wife to Sahayak:-
Main rest karne Jaa Rahi Hun. Gas Pe Cooker Chadhaya hai... Teen Seeti Sunte Hi Gas Bandh Kar Dena.

Sahayak:-Jee Memsahib.

Ma'm had just started to relax when Sahayak knocks.....

Officer's Wife:-Kya hai?

Sahayak:- Seeti Aap Bajayenge Ya Sahib??

------------------------------------Nothing can make a Husband Sleep Immediately

Than These few words by wife

"I want to talk to you"


Wife: Imagine karo agar mai aapki har baat samjhun aur har baat maanu toh....??

Husband hasta hai...
Bahut hasta hai...

Haste haste zameen par gir jata hai aur khushi se chilla ke kehta hai.... " Saala imagine bhi nahi kar paa Raha hoon ".


Husband: Another new dress?

"Where do you think I'm going to get the money from to pay for it?"

Wife: "That's your business," I didn't marry you to give you financial consultation."

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