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Educational TV advertisements

Few learnings from TV ad-

1. Kareena has dandruff problem, Katrina has dry hair problem, Shilpa has hairfall problem and Priyanka has chip-chip.

2. If you've a hot wife make sure your neighbor doesn't use a deodorant in your absence.

3. Your complexion is more important than your qualifications

4. Saif Ali Khan din bhar Appy Fizz & Lays khata hai and still Bade Aaram Se FIT rehta hai

5. If there is no salt in your kitchen you can use Toothpaste

6. You can change your country by drinking Tata Tea

7. Every second oral care brand is No. 1 and recommended by every dentist in India!!!

8. If ur daughter is not Ready to Get married.., take her to a jewellery shop.

9. Only reason why men use deodorant is to get laid.

10. Most colas cure all kinds of phobias. You will be close to a superman, if you drink these regularly!!

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